External CFO.

FilosGlobal, the advisor and financial director you need

We help you maximize the value of your company and we charge you for the time that the company really needs.

CFO Services for Startups

Business planing

  • We create a complete business plan based on estimates and scenarios.
  • We analyze financial predictions every month and for each department.
  • Constant analysis of the company's treasury.
  • Savings in the payment of IS and deductions for R&D
  • Estimation of sales, costs and EBITDA based on past information and future projections.
  • Financing, management of payments to banks and suppliers and customer collections.
  • Coordination of accounting, administrative and financial tasks.
  • We train the management team by sharing our knowledge.


  • Full periodic report on financial and non-financial KPIs.
  • Proposals for actions and improvements in commercial and financial aspects based on indicators. Cost savings.
  • Red flags for CEOs and investors.
  • Presentations to the Board of Directors.

We help you in the investment round

  • Price negotiation.
  • Partners agreement
  • Due diligence

¿How do we work?

Recurrent services

  • Monthly reports and ongoing support
  • CFO you can count on when you need it
  • Unlimited hours dedicated

Custom collaboration

  • Differential support based on customer needs Adaptation to the processes of each company Integration as an additional member of the management team.

Affordable flat rate

  • Fixed price regardless of hours spent
  • Senior experience for the cost of a junior position
  • No commitment on minimum period

Let´s work together...

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